Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fedora Friday

Here I was thinking that I was being original when I wore my wool Fedora to work on Friday and declared it Fedora Friday!
Come to learn that not only was there a FB page dedicated to the stylish fashion accessory but also a website and a Pinterest board created by The Social Media Studio who actually celebrate Fedora Fridays!  Check out one of the fun ways how...
Truth be told, I've always loved hats but was more of a collector than a wearer.  To put one on after taking the time to do my hair seemed silly but this past rainy Friday felt like the perfect day to sport this Black, Gray and Brown wool topper.  Plus...I didn't feel like washing my hair (-; 
Got so many compliments that even if others don't follow suit, I'm gonna try and make it regular practice.  Now say it with me...FEDORA FRIDAYS!
Rain is the theme of the weekend so I'm doing everything in my power to fight back the gray skies and what better way than with a bright nail color?  Tried the new Vinylux nail line from Creative Nail Design called "Hollywood"'s hot pink with a speckle of gold and it makes me feel optimistic.
Spring I know you are not too far way!!!???
VINYLUX™ weekly polish and top coat is a new system uniquely designed to work together to create an enduring long-lasting polish all while with the promise of no chipping... see, this post is all about optimistic now come on SPRING GET HERE!

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