Wednesday, March 26, 2014

OK Seinfeld Enthusiasts

It's time to Vote for the Best 'Seinfeld' Episode...Tournament: Round 2
Voting for Round 2 of the tournament to determine the best episode of "Seinfeld" is now open.
Before Fox Sports previews Round 2, here's a look back at Round 1 for a moment.The biggest margin of victory was "The Contest" (89 percent) thumping "The Lip Reader" 
(11 percent.) 
The smallest margin of victory was "The Puffy Shirt" (51 percent) slipping past "The Bubble Boy" 
(49 percent.)
Just like no No. 16 seed has even won an NCAA tournament game, no 8 seed advanced in our 
Field of 32.However, two 7 seeds moved on to Round 2 with "The Strike" (66 percent) blowing past "The Dinner 
Party" (34 percent) and "The Hamptons" (55 percent) pulling out a narrow win over "The Merv Griffin" 
(45 percent.)

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