Thursday, March 25, 2010

As I prepare for Passover

Why is it that after years of Hebrew school and a lifetime of being surrounded by Jewish people and culture, I still find myself researching each holiday as it approaches? Passover is right around the corner and since we’re hosting I have to do my due diligence and prepare for the festivities. So what do I see first as I surf the internet for “Passover traditions.” One site says “On the first night of Passover, a thorough search is made throughout the homes and elaborate cleaning takes place to clear them of all yeast foods and grains called chametz.” Cleaning and getting rid of carbs? I already do this…next.

“This chametz has to be either consumed before Passover or 'sold' temporarily to the non-Jewish neighbors and friends and can be bought again later after the Passover.” Ok, so the plan is that Jacob and Phil polish off all the carbs in the house and I will sell whatever remains to a non-Jewish neighbor. Hmmm, I live in Center City Philadelphia and don’t think we have non-Jewish

What will we serve, Who will bring what and how much food we will actually consume remains to be seen but here is what I do know. We will have way more than we need…the Russian side. Someone will show-up empty-handed… the American side. Someone will say, “I can’t eat another bite” but then proceed to polish off entire dessert plate...not gonna say but they know who they are. And someone will get all pissed and swear that they will never do it again…Me!?

Ahhh, I love the holidays, bring them on and oh yeah, Happy Passover!!!

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