Sunday, March 7, 2010

My latest obsession-Fendi Peek A Boo

My love affair with Fendi began at the height of Sex in the City when the Fendi baguette was all the rage.

I have to admit that I coveted them all but never brought myself to buy one maybe because I was earning a measly $25K/year while living in NYC and the $3+ investment seemed a bit frivolous.
Well, years later Fendi introduce the Spy bag and this time I succumbed to my lust and splurged. I have to say that to this day, it’s still my favorite bag and has been used and abused to no end. I probably wear it daily so if you’re the practical type, it has cost me pennies per wear.

Yesterday as I perused the March issue of Vogue, amidst the metallic overalls…ugh! I came upon it, my next obsession! Ok, so I need to check this bag out in person but I think I love it. It looks like the Hermes Birkin but with a Fendi edge. The FENDI - Peek A Boo in this luscious camel and white combination but its $3,665!

Oh well, I’ll probably stalk it for a while and then…well, depends on how long it lasts. If into August, maybe buy it for my Birthday or Phil, if you're reading this...hint...hint!?

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