Thursday, March 18, 2010

My pet peeves, ugh

Over the years I have learned a lot about myself especially what I like and dislike about people/things and sometimes, probably more often than others, have a difficult time hiding my thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I can put on a Poker face better than the next girl but usually don’t want to and suppose it’s my passive aggressive way of letting them to know that I’m bothered. I always say that my goal in life is to get to where I can be like my late great grand ma Liza who could pretty much say anything she wanted and people accepted it not because she was old and crazy but because she was mature and wise! One day I will get there but for now I will use this blog for that and you take it how you want…see, I don’t care (-:

I’ll begin with what sparked this and I just had to start documenting all the crap that bothers me. I think this will have to be a series as I can’t fit all of it in one entry nor do I want to bore you so here is #1 in what I think will be a series of Pet peeve installments.

Let’s begin with Picky eaters… Yesterday, I was sitting at Rouge with colleagues looking forward to a lovely lunch when I saw that Brussels sprouts were on the menu. Now, I know they are not the most popular food choice and I am an anomaly in that I will pretty much eat anything…except black licorice, but this happens all the time so I had to stop and wonder. Jacob eats everything and it’s because we expose him to everything. Never do we put something on the table and say, you will probably not like this so here is something different for you…who does that? Well, many parents do and I know them and they know who they are and they still wonder why their kids are picky eaters and will only eat chicken finders and french fries. How about giving them something else? I’m sure most people are like that because they were either scarred at a young age by the way their parents prepared certain foods, were never exposed to more than chicken so they assume by what they’ve heard that anything new is awful or, they won’t like it or? With picky eaters it’s one of these scenarios and you know what, shut-up, why all the food issues people?! Stop eating with your eyes or with what you assume it tastes like or whatever reasons you have for not trying new foods and new things and just go for it.
The conversation turned to how much everyone hated brussels sprouts and there I was once again having to deal with what I hate most, ignorant picky eaters who think it’s ok to talk about how much they hate something when someone has cleared expressed that they like it…There really are millions of starving people in this world people so...Eat up or Shut up!

Next up, People whom I have met a gazillion times but somehow don’t recognize or remember me every other time I see them. What the hell is that all about?

Would love to hear yours!

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