Thursday, April 8, 2010

Had to share-Awesome jewlery selection

I just came across this website and had to share.
Ever since I saw this amazing diamond pave bead bracelet in NYC, I've been on a mission to find it and came across this website.
Check it out, love all the stuff from Joannes Treasure Hunt especially these bracelets
but there are lots of awesome pieces from
Cathy Waterman
Me &Ro
Ten Thousand Things
Jamie Joseph
Temple St. Clair
Todd Reed
Lucifer vir Honestus
Good Fortune
Robert Wan
Heather Moore
Lucie Campbell
Irene Neuwirth
Catherine Michiels
Virgins, Saints & Angels
Annette Ferdinandsen
Sydney Evan
Emily Armenta
Jude Frances
Chan Luu
Dana Kellin
Jennifer Meyer

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