Sunday, April 11, 2010

The weekend of Jacob

Proved to be more fun and exhausting than the month of Alya.
It all started on Friday, April 9th, Jacob's 5th Birthday.  Taking the day off was a good idea on my part as it proved to be packed with activities from morning to night.  Not only was Jacob Shabbat King at school but we also had plans for dinner at Max Brenners and The Lion King 8pm show at the Academy of Music. 
I dropped him off at school, came back less than 1/2hr later to attend the Shabbat celebration and left with enough time to hit the gym, shower and pick him up only to run around Rittenhouse Square playing Godzilla for the next 2 hours when he and best friend Jonah almost dropped from hunger and exhaustion.  Of course we had to do Rouge, his favorite restaurant and the only place to be and be seen while you're eating special not-on-the-menu chicken fingers and french fries followed by chocolate b-day cake...this kid has the life!

I managed to extract him from the scene and we took a much needed break at home before getting changed and walking over to Max Brenners.  If you haven't been, go...the food is delicious and the chocolate is ever present but, I could see that I was starting to lose him and the show was not starting for another hour!  It was a surprise and he had no idea but when we walked into the theater and he realized that he was going to see the Lion King, Jacob turned to me and said, "you're right Mama, this IS a great surprise!"  I'm sure you can imagine that that is all I needed to hear (-:

The show was great and Jacob is still talking about it but despite staying awake past 11pm, he insisted on a cab home...can't say I blame him after the day we had.

Saturday was a bit more relaxing although I have to admit that I was anxious in anticipation for the party and was way out of my comfort zone not doing anything; BounceU takes care of EVERYTHING from invitations to candles and that is sooo not me!
Saturday night Phil and I had an adult night on the town but Sunday soon followed.
Jacob was so excited; wanting to be the perfect host and having fun all at the same time.  He took a shower which he NEVER does, we dressed him in Blue Power Ranger garb and departed for BounceU where he was all too excited to greet his friends and family for 2 hours of non-stop jumping and fun!

He had no idea that we hired Spiderman to attend his Superhero party and when he saw him, his jaw dropped.  Not the response we got from most of the kids as some screamed and ran for cover avoiding Spidey at all costs but Jacob loved it!
Superman cake, Superman balloons, Spiderman as a special guest and 25 presents, what a successful party!
We had a Super time and want to thank everyone for coming and sharing in the it's time to open the gifts and play!!!
Happy Birthday Jacob, Daddy and I love you!!!

BTW, I bought Phil the coolest looking vintage Superman T that I though would add a nice touch to my baby Supergirl T and the whole Superhero theme but nooooo, he wouldn't wear it.  Well, technically he wore it but under his boring black shirt never to see the light of day.  What a party pooper, who agrees????

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