Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday can save your sanity but...

is it the same as the actual experience of going to the store?

So now that the debauchery of Thanksgiving is over, the insanity of Black Friday is behind us and the surreal but totally fun 20th high school reunion is a thing of the past, the Holidays are officially ON.
So you would think that this would mean fun, celebration and relaxation but what it really means is that everyone is going nuts trying to figure out what to buy, where to buy it and now, how…online or in store?

Avoid the craziness by shopping online and while I’m not suggesting you slack off in the office but, instead of going out for lunch, peruse the endless discounts at your fingertips and get all your shopping done in a matter of minutes, not hours.  Since I sign up for all thats out there, here are some suggestions but if you don't get to it today, many sites will be offering free shipping on December 17th so don't freak out if you miss out today.
I don’t know about you but I hate paying for shipping and so the majority of the online sales today includes free shipping and, in some cases, free gift wrap. So get those fingers moving and shop/shop/shop…here is a website to get you started
plus some of my favorites...too many to list them all and, I need time to shop myself you know!

For the Fashionista
Beyond the Rack, $5 shipping and everything from Wii to Prada are on sale now!

For the Intellectual
Barnes and Noble, free shipping

For the home owner/decorator
William Sonoma, the site that rarely runs sales is offering 20% off everything plus free shipping

For the Jetsetter
Norwegian is offering reduced deposits and onboard credit

For the Kiddies
Gymboree, 20% off everything plus free shipping

Something fun and different

For the Foodie
Marathon Restaurants is offering a free $10 Gift card for every $100 Marathin GC purchased

Oy, not enought time or energy to list them all plus, I need to shop so get to it and good luck.  Would love to hear about your purchases and see pics!  Send to

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