Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Isn't Democracy great?

I don’t know about you but I love being "in the know" and get a crazy kinda high from finding unique pieces that others have yet to hear about while at the same time not paying a fortune for them. So when I heard about FashoinStake, I was like, count me in! Not only do I get to shop amazing new emerging designers but I also get to help put them on the fashion map but only if I like them that is...that's where the Democracy part comes in (-: 
Shop hand-picked pieces you won't find in department stores. Help fund new collections by pre-ordering items. Vote up your favorites. Be part of your very own fashion democracy and while I’ll admit that I usually don’t vote, this is the one place where I know my vote will actually count!
Check them out here and join the fashion revolution!
Oh, and did I mention that today's BuyWithMe deal is $20 gets you $40 worth of merchandise at, and you can buy and combine up to two vouchers ($80 worth of merchandise for $40). No brainer, the below dress is just $50!

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