Thursday, December 23, 2010

I’ve been to the Bermuda Triangle and lived to tell about it

Well, not exactly THE Bermuda Triangle but Jacob’s and, I would imagine most of your kids’, school. How is it that anything that is not physically attached to him disappears? Lunch boxes, gloves, pants, t-shirts, etc… The other day he came home in a pair of pants that I’ve never seen before? Story is he spilled water on himself so instead of changing into the extra pair of pants I gave him, the nurse decided to put him in a pair of Jansen tights…hmmm
Now, we’re missing a lunchbox and a glove and who knows what today will bring.  Just did a little research and it seems to be a common concern with parents, any suggestions?  Was thinking of buying these clips but that won't solve the hat/pant/lunchbox problem...

This morning, I heard a dad scream to a mom who was walking their kid into the school, “don’t forget to bring back the hat” This made me laugh cause every morning at drop-off, I take the hat and gloves back home with me. Is this normal I ask?
Gone are the days of buying expensive clothes; GAP, H&M and Zara will do just fine for my little explorer as he enters the Bermuda Triangle each morning and emerges with newfound treasures that are not his own.

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