Monday, February 7, 2011

T minus 10

I couldn't help it; just checked the 10 day forecast for Playa del Carmen and it's looking good, 80° sunny days and 60° cool nights, nice right? Well yes but causes somewhat of a packing dilemma. What do I bring and how much? I hate packing but I love to travel so how can the two coexist? Anyone have any real solutions and "pack light, you're going to a resort" doesn't count.
Of course I will over-pack, I always do and only wear a third of what I bring plus, buy more while I'm there. And no doubt, I will wear the same thing multiple times or, wear the new stuff that I buy which makes me wonder, why bother packing? Can't I just buy all I need there? Or maybe I'll save that crazy thought for Europe; after all do I really want to spend my entire Mexican vaca in a huipil, a quechquémitl and a rebozo? See, I've done my research and concluded that Chanel in Paris

and Harvey Nichols in London sound more like a plan.
Please help before I…I mean Phil, drags a +100lbs suitcase to Mexico!

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  1. Thanks Dan, this was helpful...


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