Thursday, December 8, 2011

If It's Shiny or Furry

I'm all over it! 
Don't know why but I'm like a bee to honey...
The holidays are especially tempting because everywhere you look and everything you see is so festive.  Retailers pull out all the stops and bring it big-time from gorgeous embroidery to delicious textures that I love. 
At lunchtime today alone, I snagged up both, fluff and shine but tell me…how can one resist when everything is so pretty?  I have to admit that I am somewhat picky when it comes to the stuff I actually buy since there is a tendency for shiny and furry to be tacky and tasteless but all that requires is a little more vigilance on my part in selecting just the right amount of each.  I think that I’ve gotten pretty good at it though but if not, please tell me...I need to know if I’m a walking X-mas tree!
First case in point is this scarf that I had to have and not just in 1 color but all three cause I couldn’t decide and, as soon as I picked it up, a woman came over to me to ask where I got it.  This happens a lot and often, it makes me want it even more so, I grabbed it in black cream and taupe.  I think my mama and baba Alla will be very happy although in this self-picture it looks like its wearing me! 
Then, there was the matter of holiday make-up and although I like a bit of sparkle all year around, tis the season to bring on the shine and so I hit Sephora for some new eye shadow. Very rare that I find a set that has all the great colors that I like but here it is, the Moonshadow baked palette…love! 
Oh, and I also picked up a sheer black embroidered jumpsuit.  Never been much of a jumpsuit kinda gal but this one is PERFECT for Miami if you catch my drift!?
Ok, your turn, what you got?  Come on, I know you’re reading this…just share already!!!

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