Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reveling at the Revel

If you haven't been to the Revel yet, you should go at least closes?
Hear they are not doing well and I guess that's to be expected consider that they've pissed off the high rollers and, most importantly, some of the regulars.
Obviously it hasn't stopped us from going back and last night we tried Michel Richard's Central.  After having dined at the original in DC a few years ago, we were equally impressed with this one.
The food was delic and, even on a busy Sat night, they were able to accommodate some of the more "difficult" diners in our party...I will not name names but you know who you are!
No visit to the Revel is complete without a walk-by the dancers in the center of the casino floor but while others were watching the girls, I was distracted by the pantyhose lines showing through their short that wrong?
Then a quick stop-by Ivan Kane’s Burlesque club, Royal Jelly...let's just say that the girls looked much better from that wrong?
The spot to end the night is always the Ultra Lounge where you are guaranteed a great cocktail...
and a mini-celebrity sighting.  Last time it was VS model, Selita Ebanks...
and last night the girls and some of the guys went wild when this guy, former Duke center Brian Zoubek, walked in...
Naturally had no idea who he was but when a 7'1" guys walks into a place, you just have to google him!
And if that wasn't enough, on the way out came upon a mini-video-shoot with Sunshine Girl?  Again, no idea who she was but her photographer snapped a few shots of us...hmmm, wonder where they will eventually pop up!? 
There you have it...a mini-celebrity spotting at the Revel...isn't that worth a visit?

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