Sunday, January 27, 2013

Best of Spain Cooking and Wine Tasting

Just because I can't move and -quite frankly- hardly breathe from all of the food and wine that I've just consumed, doesn't mean I can't still tell you about the awesome "Best Of Spain" Cooking Workshop & Wine Tasting we took at The Restaurant School today. 
All that I knew was that we would be doing most of the cooking and some of the drinking but never did I expect it to be so much fun!
The workshop started at 11 and the chef kicked it off by providing a brief overview of the Spanish region and some of the common foods and spices used in its cuisine.
We then selected our main recipe -Cordero al ChilindrĂ³n- a Lamb and Roasted Pepper Stew and proceeded to pick our ingredients....
We charred and roasted Peppers...

Cubed and Sauteed Lamb in what was probably the biggest pan I've ever seen...

I learned how to a Pro!
and even had time to prepare a zesty Mushroom dish...
and tuna/pepper Empanadas, a stuffed pastry either baked or fried and commonly seen in countries like South Europe, Latin America and parts of Southeast Asia...
Not to mention the Grilled Octopus, how beautiful does this look?
By 2:30 we were done cooking and moved on to what I would call my favorite part of the workshop...the wine tasting!
Four Spanish wines later; from a White to a Cava, a Rose and finally a Red, we were ready to savor the fruits of our labor.
What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and, would go as far as suggesting that it would make a great gift especially, if you're looking for something different and memorable.
Check out the list of classes at The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College and enjoy!

4207 Walnut Street
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  1. Me gustan todas tus fotos! Estoy seguro que la cena fue my buena! Salud!

  2. Gotta LOVE Google Translator!


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