Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Think I've Figured It Out

The Spinning Obsession that is...
I've been wracking my brain trying to get to the bottom of the how's and why's of this craze and perched atop my bike at 8:30am on a Monday morning it occurred to me!
I'm in a dark steamy room, wearing little to no clothes, rap music is blaring and I'm sweating my ass off...feels like I'm in an awesome club somewhere in the South of France!

Not sure what your experience of nightlife has been as of late but as much as I love dancing, mine has sucked.  Mostly, because I refuse to wait in line -although we ladies rarely have to succumb to this- but still, the line to get into most clubs looks like a serpentine of Spanx and hair gel.  Once in, most places have little to no place to lounge and so you're forced to stand balancing your cocktail hoping no one bumps into you!  Finally and I say this with a heavy heart, most of the people in the clubs are kids and when I see kids I feel like an old fogie...certainly not how I want to feel especially at the ripe young age of +40!      
And finally, and for me most importantly, when I leave a club, I feel old, tired and ready to crawl under covers right after I call my plastic surgeon and schedule a round of Botox.
When I leave a spin class however, I feel strong, powerful and ready to take on the world!

So there it is my friends...that aphrodisiac awesome feeling you get when you're in a club, you've let go of all your inhibitions, your eyes are closed and you don't really care who is watching or why cause you're living in your own little world wrapped up in whatever beat that's blasting around you.  

That's where you want to be.  
That's when you feel most powerful.  
That's how you  know you can accomplish anything even, squeeze into your tightest skinny jeans, your hottest little top and rock your body better than any kid muffin-topping her way through a club with a drink in her hand. 
That's what Spinning is all about!
Sadly, all that's missing for me in all this is a cocktail but, there is a solution!
You can get one of these Bottle Belts at Walnut Studio and so once again, problem solved!
Spin on friends Spin on!

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