Sunday, October 12, 2014

Holy Smokes: Lululemon just

launched what appears to be its first-ever online US warehouse sale. It officially went live on Wednesday night and currently isn't being advertised on the homepage of the site.
The women's selection includes tops, bottoms, bras and accessories and nothing is priced above $100 (most items are selling for $50 or less).  There's a limit of 25 items per person and everything is non-returnable.

According to a Lulu Addict post, the retailer hosted an online warehouse sale for its Canadian customers in early January but specified that they were just testing the idea out in Canada at the time.  Maybe they carried the idea over to the US in an effort to escape the utter madness of past physical warehouse sales.
Hurry now, sale ends October 10th!
· Lululemon offical site,

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